Most important thing is to make you as successful as possible. Your business, your fight to decrease the Carbon Dioxide footprint of your Industry is our priority #1. We want you to win, for the sake of our climate, future generations and our planet. We're here to support your mission!


NEED FOR SPEED! It's not the big eats the small, it's the fast that eats the slow! Energy Transition is happening fast - but not fast enough to limit the global warming to 1.5° Celsius. In this dynamic environment fast players have winning advantages. We emphasize Speed in our quality deliveries. Let us help you with your bottlenecks. That's what we consider a Win-Win for all of us.  


We think outside the box and live the unconventional wisdom. We don't have old established business models, investors or other stakeholders which hold us back. There is no need for us to convince a long list of people or organizations to get something going. We're fast, accurate, and to the point where we can add value to limit our C0² emissions. 


We share your passion to make a contribution for our climate. Admitted, we don't have decades long track record. We're young engineers from multiple disciplines who are passionate about our mission. We love to take on new challenges: The challenges of tomorrow require NEW Thinking and Different Solutions!


Our Founder Marko Ibsch worked for a test lab for more than a decade. With his Electrical & Grid Connection background he led numerous projects on any continent of our planet. As the Managing Director of Renewables business in Germany of a multinational TIC corporation he successfully designed new digital revenue streams, made the cultural change to New Work and implemented a Design Thinking Innovation culture. 

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