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Renewables are close to grid parity. Operational costs in 2020 are economically better and the years to come belong to the green generations. We believe in Wind, Solar-PV, Hydro, Bio -mass/fuel, Hydrogen and more to come for our prosper industrial green future!


The last 30 years of wind were a unbelievable success. Modern technology will further lift wind operations to the next level by bringing down operational costs. Remote sensing is the enabler for better project finances and extended life time of the operational projects.

Asset Owners

The operational fleet is the backbone of our Energy Transition and new experiments and prototypes will speed up the Transformation of our Energy System. We want to make sure that each and every asset runs at it best. Financial Success and carbon-free energy is interlinked luckily.

Energy & Utilities

Our Energy & Utilities have the widest reach to end-customers who request green energy to a growing extent. This key stakeholder plays a crucial role in a speedy transformation and thriving citizen acceptance. 

Data Addicts

We experience big wins in digitalisation of the industry and want to help to lift the hidden stories in our data. Modern technology allows advanced possibilities and brings projects to life which were impossible a few years ago. 

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