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Your hard work on driving our carbon dioxide emissions further down is appreciated. We acknowledge your days are busy. Our team want to support you on your mission to ensure one thing: Get the best results for our climate!

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Visionary experts need support to speed up their pace. Our team can be of great help in some disciplines across various industries. 



The world is changing and you need to as well. We have the time to think and resources to push you ahead your competition. 

Windfarm  Optimisation

You need to deliver - and so should your assets. We identify and tackle underlying causes for underperformance. 


Smart Data handling with AI support can make the difference! We develop your smart applications to get the most out of your data.


LiDAR systems are wonderful to find the needle in the haystack. Upfront you need calibrations, test concepts and installations. We can support you!


Engineers are rare. We can back you up for a project to ensure you succeed. An hour, a day, a week or a year - you decide! We are flexible and available when your project needs us!

Electrical Planning
        acc. to VDE-AR-N 4110

We're here to support you with your solar system/CHP plant certificates to speed up your grid connection process. We deliver your needed Electrical Planning Assessment within a week!  



Do you need an

for your project?

We love your problems!

You have to deliver and amaze your customers. We understand that, and want to tackle your challenges with you to ensure you can contribute your value to speed up the energy transition. So test us and let us know what keeps you up at night. 

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